Introducing Mover

Introducing Mover

This morning I’m introducing Mover. Mover is the best tool to transfer your stuff online.

Six months ago we set out to fix one simple problem, but we have a higher calling. Mover has been willed into existence through the hard work of our fine team.

Our mission is to better your relationship with data. We believe that you should have the freedom to easily and swiftly get your stuff from point a to point b whenever and however you want. Mover is the defacto platform that enables this.

Data, documents, photos, profiles, files, whatever you call them, are currently in walled gardens. Big companies have an intrinsic interest in having your information stored with them. We believe you should have choice. You should not feel locked in, trapped, or even inconvenienced by where your files are stored. If you want to move data between two places you should be able to do it without ever wondering whether it is possible. That is what Mover does.

If you are an individual, we welcome you. If you develop software, we hope you enjoy our upcoming API. And if you are a big company, rest assured that we love big data and we love moving it.

In fact, we love moving data so much that we have moved 30 million files since we launched our flagship product, Backup Box, back in March. Over 10,000 people have entrusted us with moving their data, and my team has done a damn good job so far.

I am excited for what lies ahead. We are moving the world’s data. Stay tuned for A LOT more.

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