Mover Adds FTP

Mover Adds FTP

We are happy to announce we are now supporting FTP migrations and backups with our FTP Connector! File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard way of transferring files and has been around for decades. With being around for so long, it has been very widely used and has been incorporated in multitudes of applications such as website development. It has aged gracefully, but as more and more new methods are being developed, it is becoming increasingly constricting. That’s where the Mover FTP Connector comes in.

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen with FTP is in website hosting and development. FTP is no longer the fastest-moving process, and it creates a dependency on local servers to push transfers and downloads. The Mover FTP Connector is aimed at fixing these issues.

FTP used to mean spending hours of processing time to upload or download your website or files from your computer. With this Connector, we are doing all the heavy lifting for you and your computer. If you’ve ever tried to move your website from one hosting site to another, you’ll know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. We made Mover to fix problems exactly like this.

Migrate your files, backup your files, set automated transfer and backup schedules, conquer the world, and do it all seamlessly, efficiently, and without having to depend on your local server.

Get the full details on our FTP Connector page.

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