Value of the Cloud

Value of the Cloud

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -Henry Ford

Similar to the way the automobile revolutionized the way people travel, the cloud has forever altered the manner in which we store our data.

This radical change has physical storage companies on their way out of business, and has given rise to wholly new industries built on or within the cloud. TechCrunch reports that the current valuation of Dropbox is around 5 billion dollars, and last year, Forbes estimated that the entire cloud storage market was worth 20 billion dollars. This number has since increased.

However, the true value of the cloud transcends dollar amounts. The most important resource we have is time, and using cloud storage will save you a lot of it. Driving back and forth to the physical locations where your data has been stored is now a thing of the past. Access to anything, anywhere is the new freedom from the constraints of arduous hardware limitations shackled to us in previous decades.

The market is going to continue to grow as more people start to adopt cloud storage as the most efficient means to host and protect your information online.

With the cloud revolution, it is important to view this incredible change as a step in the direction of progress, just as the car was.

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