SFTP is Moving In

SFTP is Moving In

The Mover team is excited to announce we are now able to support SFTP with a Mover Connector! Mover users can now migrate and backup files to and from SFTP!

The S (meaning SSH or Secure Shell) creates a few key differences between SFTP and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Similar to FTP but still developed from the ground up, SFTP focuses more on file security and cross-protocol functionality.

As with FTP, SFTP is a major network protocol implemented throughout the web and we’re happy to be able to bring it into Mover as a new Connector. Through working with SFTP we’ve experienced quite a few of the issues with it such as slow transfer speeds and dependence on personal local storage servers, and we’re glad to help resolve some of these.

SFTP users can now use Mover to backup and migrate their SFTP files such as webpages to or from the cloud, transfer them within SFTP servers, and remove the need for local servers to facilitate it.

We’re excited to keep on building our services for our customers and continue on our path of world domination. Don’t forget to check us out on our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages!

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