Start Connecting with Egnyte

Start Connecting with Egnyte

Data movers rejoice! Mover is happy to announce we have added support for Egnyte file sharing. Users can now use the Egnyte Connector to backup and transfer files in and out of their Egnyte servers.

Egnyte is the real deal, and offers a huge range of services and features to their clients. While they are most known for their enterprise file sharing, they cater to small offices and medium-sized businesses as well, and offer robust file management support systems. They also allow users to use hybrid cloud storage where they combine their cloud servers and the user’s existing local storage!

Over at Mover we’re excited to bring this new Connector into the fray to help our users. Egnyte is now more accessible than ever, and people can use Mover’s services to help migrate and backup files to and from their Egnyte accounts and create automated schedules to do all the work for them!

Try out the new Egnyte Connector here, and don’t forget to check out Mover’s pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

Disclaimer: Despite what the above image may depict, Mover does not advocate running towards fires. Run towards fires at your own risk.

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