Mover Integrates WebDAV

Mover Integrates WebDAV

The Mover developers are happy to announce their latest and greatest, the WebDAV Connector for Mover! This Connector will allow our users to quickly and securely migrate and backup their files to and from WebDAV!

WebDAV provides a framework for users looking to create and manipulate files on servers. Since its inception in 1996 it has been a widely used protocol for managing files between multiple users. Although the working group for WebDAV ended several years ago, it is still implemented frequently and many operating systems provide built-in support for it.

We here at Mover have experienced the ups and downs of working with WebDAV, and as an older protocol it is slowly being replaced more and more by newer frameworks and systems. With the introduction of our Mover WebDAV Connector, we hope to help alleviate some of the problems found with WebDAV.

Some of the most frequent uses of the WebDAV Connector that we have been seeing are things such as migration of files from WebDAV to a cloud storage service, backup of cloud stored files going to WebDAV, and transfer of files between WebDAV servers. As more and more new cloud services arise, we’re excited to see how our customers will use the WebDAV Connector and mix the new and the old!

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