Mover Ranked First in Forbes List of Companies to Watch

Mover Ranked First in Forbes List of Companies to Watch

It was awesome to see Mover getting noticed by Forbes (For those who haven’t seen it).

The author of the article, Ilya really did a great job of capturing the essence of what Mover does and what we believe in. We’re all about providing a service that people want, and more and more we’re finding that people want to be able to have control over their own information (See: scandals!).

The team has come a long way in a short time and has grown quite a bit, and recognition is always great to have. Being on the top of the list was fantastic, but the biggest praise was being included in the same list as some great startups we really respect such as, Bitium, and my personal favourite, Snap Chat. The timing was pretty good as well; when the article came out our CIO Mark was actually down in California meeting with the great folks at Bitium!

The article starts with a note that surviving as a startup during a recession is a difficult task, and I believe that there is something to learn from the companies listed. In a recession costs are cut, budgets are tightened and startups have to provide real, tangible value to whoever their customer base may be. There isn’t a common theme that I would say is present in this list except that all of the companies were made by smart people creating value (I didn’t make Mover so I can get away with saying that).

Some of the startups were brilliant new spins on existing business models (Loot Crate is a gamer’s Birchbox, DogVacay is a pet’s AirBnB), some are going after new revenue models or products (Ranker uses the value behind consumer data, Makerbot is pushing 3D printing tech through the adoption phases), some are helping developers get the most out of their work (Bitium, StartApp, Factual) and** all of them are connecting people to something they want or that helps them. **

This was a list where from #1-15 I stopped every time and thought “Damn, I wish I had thought of that”. Every company in the list was operating in a relatively different space, which shows that while in times of recessions it may be harder to start companies, but it is still more than possible to operate in any field and still do well if you are focused and have a good idea that can create or add value and be monetized (ie a business).

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