SFTP Private Key Addition

SFTP Private Key Addition

We’re always building up our Connectors here at Mover, and today we’re happy to say we’ve added private key usage to our SFTP Connector!

The SFTP Connector allows people to use Mover to backup and migrate their SFTP files to or from the cloud and transfer their files within their SFTP servers, while also removing the need for local servers to facilitate these migrations. The enhanced SFTP Connector works just the same as before for people using Mover, but with the added benefit of optional cryptographic key files (the private key) usage for security.


All of our users with private key file protection can now use this during their transfers, helping make everything even more secure and ensuring they can stay on track with their own information security procedures while using Mover.

For users looking to learn more about this private key addition and how Mover works with it, we have added a short post in our Knowledge Base covering it.

We’re excited to keep on building our services and continue on our quest of total world domination. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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