Data Gravity

Data Gravity

More and more people are becoming accustomed to the term Big Data highlighting the massive amount of data being collected by companies and organizations. Terabytes of information are being collected, processed, and analyzed, and Big Data is becoming associated with large projects that use these data-sets to provide services from GPS, to targeted ads, to market research, and more.

Here at Mover we deal with Big Data quite a bit, and while Big Data projects are solving many of the world’s problems, they are also creating some new ones for the Big Data holders – one of which we call Data Gravity.

Data Gravity is, in short, the way in which data attracts other data and amasses, and the subsequent problem Big Data holders face when they try to move all this data. The more data you have, the harder it is to move (this same rule applies to quite a few things in life).

For the curious, we’ve created a short outline of our take on Data Gravity, how it comes to be, the problems it creates, and how Mover works with it.

You can check the slides out here:

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