Cloud Closures Remind Us of the Importance of Backups

Cloud Closures Remind Us of the Importance of Backups

While the shutdown of Cloudee, Nirvanix, and FileRock caused some rumblings in the cloud this week and a subsequent storm online, there is somewhat of a silver lining. It is a valuable lesson to all about the importance of regularly scheduled backups.

Every industry experience ebbs and flows and though some cloud companies find themselves unable to compete, cloud storage is here to stay. This month Verizon reported that cloud utilization grew by 90 percent between January 2012 and June 2013, and that organizations are on average increasing their cloud budget by 45 percent per month. The same blog post indicates that only 38 percent of organizations report the use of cloud services today, with 80 percent planning on doing so over the next year. Credit to Arthur Cole for a great blog post.

While the cloud isn’t going anywhere, the signal created by these shutdowns should serve as a reminder of the importance of backing up your data. Many see the cloud as their primary back up option and while this can serve well for the most part, you can never be too safe with your data. And we’re not just talking shutdowns. Outtages can happen from time to time and if you need your files RIGHT NOW – you could be out of luck.

Some options to better safeguard your data include cloud to cloud or cloud to premise (i.e., your home or office) backups. The beauty of backups is that they are simple, and once set – so are you. Backups are insurance against the unexpected. They’re your second chance. Your serenity while others scramble.

If you’re looking for a secure, convenient, and fast way to backup your data, we can help with that. Weekends are the perfect time for a backup schedule, as people are likely away from their desks.

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