Paying for Cloud Storage is Temporary

Paying for Cloud Storage is Temporary

Today, Google announced that they are lowering the price of 1TB of data to $9.99/month. Personally, this is no surprise. Many people have heard me talk about how the entire cloud storage industry is going to end up offering unlimited data. In fact, the industry effectively already offers this, and my opinion is that the current trend of paying for storage is temporary.

Picture of Google Drive's New Pricing

Here’s some evidence:

And the list goes on. This is only covering file-sync-share cloud storage, other major players like Amazon and Microsoft are constantly dropping storage prices trying to attract infrastructure customers to their platforms.

With the sheer volume of data being created by today’s average user, and the steady unwillingness of most people to pay for these kind of tools, it’s my prediction that all will eventually benefit from unlimited cloud storage. This is ultimately a game of averages for the cloud storage titans. The ongoing cost-per-gigabyte to a provider is rapidly dropping, and unlimited data is going to be an expected default from consumers and businesses alike.

The end game in cloud storage is going to be in features, mobile coverage, usability, and capturing customers with technology that just works.

If we’ve learned anything in the last two years running Mover, it’s that consumers are willing to change providers. The one you’ll stick with will be the easiest to get in to, out of, and use on a daily basis.

If cloud storage is a war of attrition, storing gigabytes is a near infinite resource for all sides.

Update: It looks like Box’s CEO, Aaron Levie agrees:

Just as you don’t worry about database rows when using Twitter or bandwidth on Youtube, cloud storage will eventually be free and infinite.

— Aaron Levie (@levie) March 13, 2014

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