World Backup Day 2014

World Backup Day 2014

Did you know, back in 2012, we were looking for an easy way to backup our web content, and we couldn’t find one – so we built Mover! We understand that data is the bloodline of your company and without it, you’re in big, big trouble. Stuff happens. Natural disaster, malicious employees, or someone just making a mistake makes having a second and even third copy of your data one of your biggest assets.

Today we’re happy to pledge our support to World Backup Day! At Mover we are firm believers in creating secure and continuous backups of both your personal and company data.

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In order to honour our pledge to help the world create backups, Mover is helping everyone backup for free, with a 15 GB transfer credit! We only ask that you help spread the word with a Tweet or public Facebook share linking to this blog post between now and March 31st at midnight.

Update: This promotion is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated.

Where do you back up your data to? Let us know! Contact us on our Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook pages, or in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This page is not officially supported or endorsed by World Backup Day.

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