Serving Our Core Customers

Serving Our Core Customers

We founded Mover four years ago with the promise that we would make it easier to transfer data. Everyone at Mover strongly believes that we are stewards of your data, and our commitment to security and service has gained us trust and many great relationships.

At launch we offered unlimited personal use of Mover for free, and it certainly helped fuel our growth. Yet, over the years, it has become apparent that the vast majority of our core customer base are actually business users.

In order to provide the best service and support to our core customers we are removing our free tiers. As of today (July 12, 2016) Mover will not offer a free usage tier. This will only affect a small number of our available integrations, and we are confident that this decision will allow us to focus on solutions that our customers are looking for.

Here are the important things to note:

  1. On August 15th, 2016 all usage of Mover will require payment.

  2. All existing connectors will remain unchanged until August 15th. This means anything you have already set up that is free will remain free until then.

  3. Starting today, all new connectors will be paid-only. If you create a new connector it will be considered Premium.

  4. We are not changing the price of anything we currently charge for! This change will only affect your free transfers with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts.

If you have been using Mover for free you have until August 15th, 2016 to continue using us for free.

We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with you!

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