5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Boost Your Bottom Line

5 Ways Cloud Storage Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Gone are the days where editing last minute details before a big meeting physically required access to your desktop computer. More and more businesses are moving data to the cloud where employees can access any file, from any device, at any time. Let’s examine the future of data storage and find out how it can benefit your bottom line. In fact, an extensive study from Rackspace found that 88% of cloud users experienced cost savings where 56% noted an increase in profits. How so? Let us explain.

1. Reduce Storage Costs

Data storage has experienced an evolutionary change as companies switch from physical data storage to digital storage infrastructure (aka the cloud). A growing number of businesses are recognizing the economic efficiency of cloud storage. Where data centers require energy, real estate and man power, cloud storage requires a username and password for the data to appear at your fingertips.

2. Reduce IT Costs

Cloud data storage results in reduced maintenance/labour costs. With cloud providers (vendors) owning much of the infrastructure off-site, the business need for a dedicated IT team decreases. When servers or hardware require regular maintenance or special attention, this is now at the cost of the cloud provider. For businesses lacking their own IT department, this would alleviate costly third party repair bills which I’m sure we can all get on board with.

3. Increase Capital Investment

Most cloud providers are pay as you go pricing models which means it is easy to control spending as your business grows. Unlike upfront licenses for only ‘x’ amount of employees, think about the hassle free access! Imagine adding employees as you go and cancelling when necessary, where every license is utilized and no dollar goes to waste.

4. Improve Workforce Productivity

Traveling for business means precious hours spent working on projects or collaborating with your team can be lost. By saving and storing data on the cloud you are able to read the latest on any project over a cup of airport coffee, or add edits to the latest proposal draft while waiting for connecting flights. All you need is a computer and a solid wifi connection. With your entire team’s ability to do the same, communication is consistent and projects can move forward easily.

5. Minimal Disruption to Business Operations

Moving data via a company wide installation may have taken months in the past, resulting in lost work time and stress. On the flip side, after a bit of planning, moving data to the cloud can usually be done in a matter of hours. This could mean practically zero disruption to business operations. Employees could leave the office Friday and be back up and running by Monday.

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