How to Calculate Total G Suite Drive Data Storage - Graphic by Angela Jeske

How to Calculate Total G Suite Drive Data Storage

We hear this question as often today as we did when this post was originally published in 2014. If you’re trying to migrate data away from G Suite Drive or simply find out how many gigabytes (GB) of storage your company is actually using, where do you go to look this up?

G Suite Drive has some nice reports, but they don’t actually provide a combined total amount of data your employees have in their Drives. Here is how you can calculate the total amount of data your company is using in G Suite:

  1. Visit

  2. Click the Reports icon.

  3. Under Users click Apps usage activity.

  4. Once the list of users populates, navigate to the download icon located near the top right of the window and select Export to Google Sheets.

  5. Once the export has finished, click the link to open the report in Google Sheets. Your sheet should have rows ‘A’ through ‘E’, where column ‘E’ outlines each user’s data in megabytes (MB).

  6. To convert the company’s total data usage from MB to GB, begin by calculating total MB using the =SUM() function.

  7. Once you have calculated total MB, in a new cell, take the total amount and divide it by 1024 to give you GB.

Now you know how many GB are stored in total across your users in G Suite Drive!

Please note: Google specific files like Google Docs, G Sheets, and G Slides are not included in the storage total as they are stored in a database and not directly on the Drive.

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