We Support SharePoint Modern Sites! - Graphic by Angela Jeske

We Support SharePoint Modern Sites!

Are you migrating data to SharePoint Online? We heard it can be challenging to find a cloud migration company that supports SharePoint Modern sites. We’re very happy to report Mover supports SharePoint Modern sites and has for a long time! Whether you have SharePoint Classic or Modern sites to migrate, you can easily view and access them through the Mover app in two easy steps.

  1. Login to the Mover app and authorize a SharePoint Online connector.

  2. Once SharePoint Online has been authorized you should see all existing SharePoint Classic and Modern sites available for migration!

Check out our guides for step by step instructions on migrating to SharePoint Online from G Suite, Box, Dropbox or Egnyte.

Our mission is to make data migration easy. Our team of experts work to ensure our technology is robust, constantly improving, and remains cutting edge. Supporting SharePoint Modern sites is another way we simplify the lives of our clients. Experience a data migration that doesn’t suck and contact us.

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