Migrating Data - Our Top 5 Questions from Customers - Graphic by Angela Jeske

Migrating Data - Our Top 5 Questions from Customers

When it comes to migrating data through the Mover app there are a few questions we answer every day. We’d like to satisfy curiosity and answer these all in one convenient post. Here are the answers to the top 5 questions we are asked when migrating data with Mover.

1. Is it free, and if not, how much?

While the earliest versions of our app were free, this has not been true since 2016. As customer needs and demand have grown, so have our software development and customer support teams. We’re working behind the scenes constantly improving our robust, enterprise-grade tool so our customers experience a data migration that is secure, fast and feels effortless. Our current pricing model can be found here.

2. What is supported?

Mover currently connects over a dozen cloud service providers, web services and databases. We lovingly refer to these as our ‘Connectors’. Be sure to check here for our latest list of supported services. Our team can also investigate new integrations, so if you don’t see the provider you’re looking for, please contact support.

3. What is transferred?

Keeping it simple, all owned folders and root files for each user will be transferred. The nitty gritty details will depend on which source and destination you are migrating from. It’s easy to find out more using our comprehensive guides and selecting the specific source and destination involved in your migration. Our app is designed to convert Box Notes (.boxnote) into Microsoft Word (.docx) format and if you’re migrating to SharePoint Online, we also support SharePoint Modern Sites. At Mover, we believe no file should ever be left behind. While competitors claim 99.9% of files transfer - we challenge their 99.9% and raise them to transfer 100%.

4. How does your app actually work?

The Mover app works by authorizing a connection between your ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’ and copying data from one to the other. Our intention for Mover from the get-go was to be the most robust migration tool out there, able to move massive amounts of data easily while keeping security paramount. For more details on how we secure and protect data check out our security and privacy policies. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in the app to ensure our powerful migration manager dashboard makes implementing a bulk migration for thousands of users feel easy.

5. What kind of support do I get and is it free?

We offer ongoing customer and technical support Monday through Friday (MST) to anyone using the app at no cost. We’re available via this link. In addition to our self-service app there is the option for professional services. Professional services are available for migrations over a certain size and come as part of a package. Mover’s experienced customer support team is here every step of the way to guide and support a successful migration. Reach out to uson our support page and we’ll be happy to talk specifics on how we can help.

There it is, all in one convenient post!

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