Yes, You Can Migrate That With Mover! - Graphic by Angela Jeske

Yes, You Can Migrate That With Mover!

You know the feeling when someone asks a question right in your wheelhouse? There’s a familiar thrill of satisfaction knowing you’ve walked countless people through to the solution before. It’s as if you are Yoda, taking them aside saying “Always pass on what you have learned.” as you light the way to their next steps. There’s nothing sweeter than the relief heard in a clients voice when we say “Yes, you can migrate that with Mover”.

Lately, it has come to our attention our competitors can’t or don’t support all of the file types we do. One of our fortés at Mover is being bidirectional. For us, converting files during a typical data migration is a piece of cake. We don’t discriminate (too much… because there are some file types that just can’t convert like Google Forms) but if a file can be converted, you bet we’ll make it happen for you. We support SharePoint Online Modern sites, and convert .boxnotes to .docx just to name a few file types our competitors shy away from.

What makes us different? Our app is a SaaS product which enables us to be extremely agile and push necessary changes constantly. We know specs from each connector’s platform are constantly changing. We deploy fixes multiple times a day and our clients benefit from it. This allows us to have better tests and coverage for all file types we (our clients) encounter.

Our people work neck deep in data and trouble-shooting various connector platforms every day. This enables us to provide guidance based on current requirements with the connectors specific to your migration, and offer the latest advice on supported/unsupported file types. We help you organize everything so you can optimize throughput, and distribute data among users so your migration happens at a higher speed, without unwelcome hiccups.

At Mover, we want your migration to be easy. Our policies are to fix and perfect your migration instead of passing the buck to you. When it comes right down to it, it’s because we care more. Feel good knowing, ‘Yes, you can migrate THAT with Mover!’.

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