Case Study - Migrating 7 TB to OneDrive for Business - Graphic by Angela Jeske

Case Study - Migrating 7 TB to OneDrive for Business

The Client: Extreme Networks

Headquartered in California, Extreme Networks is a networking technology company with 1,600 employees serving 20,000 customers worldwide.

Migration Type: From Box to OneDrive for Business

Migration Scope: 7 TB for 400 users

Enlisting both the app and the Professional Services team

Adam Duggan, a SharePoint architect at Extreme Networks, was tasked with transferring 7 TB of employee data from Box to OneDrive for Business. Having successfully worked with Mover in the past on a complex migration job, he called on us again.

Adam could have easily done the migration himself by using Mover’s web-based app. But he was busy, so he opted for our Professional Services. A team of migration experts led by Joshua Badach took responsibility for executing the project from start to finish.

How Mover transfers files to OneDrive for Business without a hitch

The white-glove service provided by Joshua and his team made Adam’s migration project easy to execute. It was made even easier by a Mover app feature that ensures all files transfer smoothly to OneDrive for Business: automatically stripping invalid characters that OneDrive doesn’t allow.

Finishing the migration without interrupting work

Joshua and Adam scheduled the final delta pass for the migration over a weekend so it didn’t interrupt anyone’s work. When Monday came, the Extreme employees logged into their OneDrive for Business accounts and resumed work with no hiccups. They were also able to browse and search files as they did before the migration.

“Extreme was a pleasure to work with. They knew that being organized was key to a successful migration.” —Joshua Badach, Migration Expert, Mover

That was so fun, let’s do another one!

This was the second migration that Extreme carried out with Mover, and during these successful projects, we established a seamless working relationship. When Extreme needed to do another migration following their acquisition of Zebra Technologies, they engaged us for a third time. Over one weekend, we migrated the data of 200 critical users to Extreme’s domain.

Now, repeatedly impressed by our services, Extreme continues to work with us on migrations, particularly when they acquire companies and need to transfer the data from those acquisitions into their systems.

Where could we move data for you?

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